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  • Smart & Portable Parking System

In this 21st century, with the increasing population, the quntity of vehicles is increasing at an enermous rate but unfortunately, the grouind space is limited and it cannot be increased and hence the problem of parking of cars at public as well as resedential places.

Smart Parking System is a multi level parking system in which cars are parked at different levels. There is a certain Gap between each slot. The movement of the slots is governed by a D.C Motor and the system moves by Gear Chain Mechanism. Certain aspects such as when to move, when to stop, where to stop is all governed by the programming done. Pressure sensors and magnet sensors are used. IR is also used. Each slot is provided with a card that is programmed as per the requirement of the system.      


The common problems that we face during parking are:-
1. Problem of space:- The very first problem regarding parking is the problem of space. The ground space is limited but cars are increasing. Due to this, space for parking is left very less and car are parked at No Parking zones and sometimes, they are parked so badly then it becomes very difficult to take away your car from the parking. At these situations, accidents occurs.
2. Problem of Security:- Cars are also not safe at these parking areas. Sometimes, cars are stolen from these parking areas.
3. Problem of pollution:- We know tht pollution is created at higher rate when the car is in first gear and while we are parking or taking away our car from parking, our car is in first gear.So more pollution is created.
Introduction to my Project
Keeping all the above problems in mind, we have created a Parking System that is called SMART PARKING SYSTEM. It is a kind of multi-storey parking wher u can park 6 or more cars at the space of 3 cars. It is a kind of open parking system that can be installed at the open areas that are available at malls and resedential buildings.
This type of parking is suitable for Malls, Resedential Buildings, Metro Stations.
It works on chain bar mechanism and there is a slot for each parking and each slot have a card without which, u can neither park nor can take away your car. So there is no case of Theft.
This was all about my project, THE SMART PARKING SYSTEM. 

Won 1st Prize at "SCIENCE EXPO"-INNOVISION 16' at N.S.I.T, Delhi.

Participated in " SPEED-16" at G D Goenka university , Gurugram.

Participated in "TECHNOBLAST-16"  at DGI, Greater Noida .