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  • DCE ePoll

DCE-ePoll is basically an application running on platforms like android which will collect the vote of each student of the college over a particular question. The question will be raised in the application by the college authority.

    The "question" can be of various types. For example, to select the best place for the college trip, college authority will put a question asking for the best place suitable for the upcoming college trip. A no. of available options will be given within the question like Agra, Delhi, Goa etc. Hence, the students will then cast their vote from these available options and the opinion with highest votes will be chosen. Each student will be able to cast only a single vote on each question.

Another example can be taken for the selection of a Head Boy/Girl in the college. In this case, college authority will simply put a question asking for the best candidate suitable for this post and will also give the name of the candidates who have applied for this post. Hence, in this case too, each student will cast his/her vote. So, the candidate with the highest no. of votes will be declared as the Head Boy/Girl. The administrator will post a question and each student or faculty will cast his/her vote on that question.

The basic working starts as soon as administrator which is either a faculty member or any person assigned for the post, posts a question which requires polling. The students just uses their power by logging into the application and casting their vote from the available options in the posted questions.

There is a scheduled duration for which a question is open for the opinions and as soon as the polling timings are over, the result is shown to all the users within the application.