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  • Training on study of different drive mechanism and function of ‘Useal' in furnance   at "Bhilai Steel Plant", in BHILAI


This project report deals with the study and review of STUDY THE CHAIN DRIVE, INDIVIDUAL DRIVE MECHANISM ROLLER AND FUNCTION OF U-SEAL IN FURNACE OF PLATE MILL. Normalising is a process of heating the plates to soaking temperature depending upon the composition of metal, cooling them in air. An industrial furnace in which stacked items are heated in an insulated car that is rolled out of the furnace on rollers or chutes, guided by rails or a grooved way.

A crane is used to load and unload items for processing on the car, or roller hearth. Sand or water are used to seal gaps between the roller hearth and the walls in order to decrease the intake of air into the furnace. The heating time of plates in the furnace depends on the thickness of the plate. Equipment to heat metals to the desired temp for Change shape, Change properties. Liquid/gaseous fuel or electricity type of fuel are mostly used.

Provision of water U-seal in the gas pipe line of normalising furnace for gas safety.