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Email: akshay.14405@ggnindia.dronacharya.info                                

Career Objective:

To be potential resource to the organization where I can utilize all my skills and knowledge which would help the organization to grow and further enhance my growth profile. It would be my never ending dedication to maintain the spectrum of integrity, honesty and character.

Technical Skills:

-Operating System          :  Windows Family

-Software Language        :  C, C++ and C#

- Databases known          : MSSQL
-Computer Application   :  Visual Studio, SQL server management studio, Turbo C, MS Office

Educational Qualification:

  • B.Tech. from Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon in 2015 with 62%.
  • Senior secondary examination from J.M.S.V, Delhi in 2011 with 78%.
  • Secondary examination from J.M.S.V, Delhi in 2009 with 86%


  • 6 weeks C/C++ training certification from NIIT, Delhi.
  • 6 weeks Web Developement training from CWC,Delhi
  • 8 weeks .NET training certification from WebTek Labs Delhi.

Project Experience:

  • Project         :  Securing e-Commerce Platform
  • Front end     :  PHP
  • Back end     :  MySql
  • Description  :  Multiple Layers of Security implemented using open source tools and methods to an e-commerce Platform

Research Papers Published/Presented:

  •  Research Paper on the topic "Automated Negotiation Agent in E-commerce" published in Journal of IJIRT.
  •  Research Paper on the topic "Fault Tolerance in Distributed Operaing System" published in Journal of JIAATS.
  •  Research Paper on the topic "Software Quality Assurance" published in Journal of IJIRT.
  •  Research Paper on the topic "Java Servlets" published in Journal of IJIRT.
  •  Research Paper on the topic "Cyber Security Issues and Recommendations" published in Journal of IJIRT.
  •  Research Paper on the topic "Data Warehousing using OLAP Technology" published in Journal of IJIRT.

Conferences & Workshops Attended:

  • Workshop on "Cyber Security & Malware Analysis"
  • Workshop on "India Innovation Program"            
  • Workshop on "Certified Ethical Hacking Expert" at NSIT Delhi.

Membership of Professional Societies :

  • CSI
  • ISOC
  • ICST

Extra-curricular Achievements :

  • Participated in National Creativity Aptitude Test -2014 .


Playing and watching football, Internet surfing, Playing Badminton.


  •   Committed to work and Determined.
  •   Handles Criticism Well and quick learner.
  •   Confident and Believe in doing Smart Work.
  •   Goal Oriented, Positive and Supportive.


  • Lack of emotional stability
  • Bit Introvert.

Personal Details:

  • Date of birth                               :                               Feb. 2 1994                                      
  • Father's name                             :                               Mr. V.K.Raina
  • Mother's name                           :                               Mrs. Alka Raina
  • Nationality                                  :                               Indian
  • Languages known                       :                               English,Hindi


I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.


Place : Delhi

DATE: Oct, 2014                                                                                                                     (AKSHAY RAINA)