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Anish Kumar                                                               

1453/3, Gali no. 3

Rajiv Nagar, Haryana

Email: kumaranish45@outlook.com

Contact no: 8447213598



Career Objective

Looking forward to an opportunity for working in a dynamic, challenging environment where I can enhance and utilize my skills for developing my career and contribute the growth of the organization.



Academic Qualification




Institute / School


B.Tech, Electronics

& Communication Engineering (2012-2016)

Dronacharya College Of Engineering,



(upto 6th sem)


Millia Convent English School, Purnia(Bihar)


Class X, CBSE

Millia Convent English School, Purnia(Bihar)





  •  C++   certification  from  NIIT, Gurgaon, sec-14


  •  JAVA  certification  from  NIIT, Gurgaon, sec-14


  • MOS and MTA from Microsoft.


Project Work



  • Major Project -  Automatic parking Robot


Technology Used- Senor based system coded in embedded C Language.


  • Minor projects –
  1. Clap operating speed control fan
  2. Mobile Detecting Circuit

Personal Skills

  • A young enthusiast with highly proactive nature
  • Comprehensive problem solving abilities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Reliable working independently as well as in a team.
  • Learn new skills rapidly and excellent connectivity with junior, senior and teachers as well
  • Great focus on my studies and project work




Personal Details


Father's Name                         :                       Mr. Dileep Kumar Suman

Mother's Name                       :                       Mrs. Lakshmi Devi

Date of Birth                           :                       27-Sept- 1993

Gender                                                :                       Male

Nationality                              :                       Indian

Marital Status                          :                       Unmarried

Languages Known                  :                       Hindi, English

Contact No.                            :                       8447213598





I, the undersigned, certify that this Curriculum Vitae is correctly describing my

qualifications, my experience and Personal Details and are true to the best of knowledge

and belief.





                                                                                                                      Anish Kumar