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I am currently working on the project i.e. Just A Very Intelligent Operating System (AIOS) with Aditya Goswami my classmate. Our goals are to make an Operating System that will be able to perform some interactive activities such as searching a file, download something, and play music and videos etc. just by speaking. Make the OS talk much like a common human. Respond to our queries by doing background processing and answering us in a much similar manner as if a friend or human answers. This project can bring a revolutionary change in field of personal computing.


JAVIOS as we call it, will be an artificially intelligent operating system. It will be programmed to speak with the user as if it is another human. This is the objective of our project : to make an artificial intelligent computer and mainly interact with human voice without much use of ‘touch' or to be specific build a 'digital life assistant'.


Our goals are to make our computers able to perform some interactive activities such as searching a file, download something, play music and videos etc just by saying to the computer to do so. Make it talk much like a common human. Respond to our queries by doing background processing and operation but answer us in a much similar manner as if a friend or human answers. Then make it work like a supercomputer but retaining the previous enhancements resulting into an artificially intelligent computer JAVIOS.


But the question remains the same : How is this possible ? Right now in front of our eyes we have a tech corporate giant with the answer; Apple's Siri. The best interactive programme in its class.Similarly mac and windows also have voice interaction softwares which could be easily coded down to our use and make them say "Greetings Sir, Welcome to JAVIOS". Down follows a thin outline of the course that we shall follow to achieve JAVIOS.

Project Outline

As discussed above, programmes such as SIRI and Microsoft's Speech Recognition will be the founding steps to reach unto the fully voice interactive computer. Following are the points that need to be kept in mind while upgrading from SIRI like programme to a fully automative complex voice interaction.


  •  While start-ups over the world are working on solutions that make input methods for computing more
  • natural, project JAVIOS is working on an entire operating system that is fully automated and learns as it goes.
  •  Till now only new set of features are being added to the same flesh and bones legacy of the Operating Systems. JAVIOS is not he same. We are not changing the paradigm but will change the user experience fore sure.
  •  Second stage has already been arrived in our lives: hand gestures. Of course don't expect JAVIOS tone fully voice automated. It should and surely will include different possible gestures along with voice interaction.
  •  With some wall speakers, xTag microphone and the few other tech your JAVIOS will be able to greet you by your name when you reach home; tell you how long you've been gone and list the temperature of the house. It will also turn on and off the lights; keeps you updated with your mails, Facebook notifications and breaking news around you and the world. This will be accomplished using the Sixth Sense.