I have made six research papers till now and have successfully published them in differnt journals. I am also very thankful to my co-authors for helping me in making these research papers.

I have basically researched on technical topics like "Human Computer Intraction, 3 D Animation, Satellite communications , Android applications development " which are popular in todays world. I also want to thanks my faculty teachers for helping me out and suggesting me the right path in making the research papers.

Following are the topics on which I have done research work they are as follows:

  1. Human Computer Intraction
  2. Satellite Communication
  3. Li-Fi technology.
  4. An Integrated environment to visually construct 3 D Animation 
  5. Development of Android Applications
  6. Multi- Core Processors.

I also have publised one research paper titled - "Human Computer Intraction" in Nationl Conference NCABTA and other research papers in some of the popular journals like JIAATS, IJRASET, IJIRMW, IJIRIET, IJIRME.