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About Company:-


M-Technovation and Services is a fast growing android development and webdevelopment to provide technology driven solutions for small and large businesses. M-Technovanions is into IT consulting and Software Development services. We have passionate talent pool and possess strong experience in Web applications, Mobile apps development, Webiste Designing and Software Testing.


Mobile Application Development


In today's wireless and dynamic world enterprises require to contact employees and customers anytime and anyplace to smooth business running and success. Your target audience not only relies on mobile devices to stay connected, informed and make decisions, it is almost a lifeline to their personal and professional worlds. Our enterprise mobility solutions enable companies to harness this need for growing mobility. FundoApp offers mobile app development services to help organizations select and leverage mobile solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of their operations. We enable businesses to realize the benefits of mobile technology by seamlessly synthesizing new mobile technologies with emerging business needs. We can develop interactive business apps that are useful in day-to-day business activities. We develop all kind of mobile apps including Native, Cross platform and Hybrid apps.Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. We are proficient in Mobile Web with a specific focus on HTML5 solutions.


Objectives & Scope


This project assesses students by making New Android Applications. Android Application will be developed which will take input from the user and user details and will demonstrate output as truth , lie or confused .  This is a prank application, only use to fun with friends, family members. The tests would be highlycustomizable. The application will scan thumb print by touching the screen and will tell about the user mood. The project allows faculties to create their own tests. It would enable educational institutes to perform tests, quiz and create feedback forms. It asks faculty to create his/her set of questions. Faculty then creates groups and adds related students into the groups.Further the tests are associated with specific groups so that only associated students can appear for the test. The result of the response would be available to the faculty of the question set. Further the result would also be mailed to the student. This project would be helpful for creating practice tests, say for educational institutes and as a feedback form.

This project would be very useful for educational institutes where regular evaluation of students' is required. Further it can also be useful for anyone who requires feedback based on objective type responses.




Software Requirements:-


Android Studio


Database Server



Android studio


It is an android IDE , designed specially for Android development. It was launched in 16th may 2013, during google I/O2013 event. Android studio contains all the Android SDK tools to design,test,debug and profile your app. By looking at the development tools and environment, we can see its similar to eclipse with the ADT plug-in,but as I mentioned above , it is an android focused IDE, and there are many cool features available in android studio that can foster and increase your development productivity.


Features of android studio


1) powerful code editing(smart coding, editing, code refactor)

2) rich layout Editor( it can show preview in all the screens including Nexus4,7,10 and many more)

3) gradle based build support.

4) maven suppot

5) template based wizards

6) lint tool analysis

Hardware Requirements:-

The recommended hardware specified by the respective software would suffice the needs. The memory and processing power needed would increase as the number of users increase. The estimated hardware requirements are as specified.




The minimum hardware as recommended by all of the software required on server side say web server, operating system and development software

Intel 3.0 ghz or higher processor

2 GB of RAM

10 GB HDD Space




The minimum hardware as recommended by all of the software required on client side say web browser, operating systemMinimum hardware depending on the operating system used

True color visual display unitUser peripherals for better interaction.PurposeResponses by the candidates will be checked automatically and instantly.Android Application will reduce the hectic job of assessing the answers given by the candidates. Being an integrated Online Examination System it will reduce paper work.Can generate various reports almost instantly when and where required.


Planned Testing technologies:-


This section describes the overall approach of the testing which ensures that the each feature and the combination of the features are adequately tested. The major tasks that are used areā€¦.


Unit testing: -Unit testingemphasizes the verification effort on the smallest unit of software design i.e.; a software component or module. Unit testing is a dynamic method for verification, where program is actually compiled and executed. Unit testing is performed in parallel with the coding phase. Unit testing tests units or modules not the whole software.

I have tested each view/module of the application individually.


Integration Testing:-In integration testing a system consisting of different modules is tested for problems arising from component interaction. Integration testing should be developed from the system specification. Firstly, a minimum configuration must be integrated and tested. In my project I have done integration testing in a bottom up fashion i.e. in this project I have started construction and testing with atomic modules. After unit testing the modules are integrated one by one and then tested the system for problems arising from component interaction.


System Testing:-Once the entire system has been built then it has to be tested against the Software Requirement Specification and System Specification to check if it delivers the features required. System testing can involve a number of specialist types of test to see if all the functional and non-functional requirements have been met.


Support To OS:


Android Froyo 2.2

Android Gingerbread 2.3

Android Honeycomb 3.0

Android IceCreamSandwich(ICS) 4.0

Android Jellybean  4.1

Android Kitkat   4.4.2-4.4.3

Android Lolipop  5.0