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The World Wide Web and the Internet have drawn the general populace in the world of computing. We purchase stock and mutual funds down load music, view movies ,get medical advice, book hotel rooms- we do just about anything and everything in the virtual world of the web. The Web and the Internet that empowers if are the most important in the history of computing.    

In the modern age of information technology, web based application are very useful. In our daily life internet play an important role. Internet changes our life style.

The emergence of the internet as a worldwide standard for communication information has opened a huge number of new business opportunities. The internet has enabled the buyer and the seller to be brought together in a virtual manner. 

 This project is also a web based application. This project is titled as "ONLINE BOOK SHOP". We know that book is an important source of knowledge.

An online book shop providing books on travel, children, cookery, philosophy and spirituality etc. It provides one of the biggest databases of books of all categories from major publishers of the world.

Bookselling is the commercial trading of books, the retail and distribution end of the publishing process.


This project provides many facilities to the users. In this books shop users can search a particular book in short period. It provides the features of keywords with books which help in better searching of books.  Users can buy different types of books. And get these books by home delivery in cheap price .Manually bookshop doesn't provide such types of facilities.


This project explains online bookshop management system which provides the facility to give user shopping cart and payment through Paypal. Users can give review on book. This project makes latest and the fastest technologies.      



The main objective of this project is to develop a web based application for bookshop. We know that a bookshop contains the many types of book.

The different objective of "ONLINE BOOKSHOP" is:-

  • This project provides a list of books with book name and image of different categories.
  • Users can search a particular book from the book list.
  • This project provides a shopping cart for book shopping and users can edit, view and delete the book from shopping cart if he wants.
  • This project provides the facilities of payment through pay pal or cash on delivery time. It provide secure transaction of money i.e. users can check his/her transaction.
  • This project is save your money and time. It provides the security i.e. only registered user will allow for shopping.
  • In this project, every new book will be posting in the list and previous books will be updated in list


This project comes under the category of "Web based application". This project will be developed using PHP and MYSQL. This project will be developed in object-oriented.