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Lecture Series PPTs

Unit-1 Introduction to Continuous Time Signals and Systems- Basic continuous time signals, Unit step, Unit ramp, Unit impulse and periodic signals with their mathematical representation and characteristics.Inversion, Shifting and Scaling of signals, Introduction to various types of systems, Causal, Stable, Linear and Time invariant systems. Analogous System- Linear mechanical elements, Force-voltage and force-current analogy, Modeling of mechanical and electro-mechanical systems. 

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Unit-2 Fourier Transform Analysis- Exponential form and compact trigonometric form of Fourier series, Fourier symmetry, Fourier Transform: Properties, Applications to network analysis.

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Unit-3 Laplace Transform- Review of Laplace Transform, Initial and Final Value theorems, Inverse Laplace Transform, Convolution theorem, Application of Laplace Transform to analysis of networks, Waveform synthesis and Laplace Transform of complex waveforms. 

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Unit-4 State – Variable Analysis- Introduction, State Space representation of linear systems, Transfer Function and State Variables, State Transition Matrix, Solution of State Equations for homogeneous and non-homogeneous systems, Applications of State-Variable technique to the analysis of linear systems. 

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Unit-5 Z-Transform Analysis- Concept of Z-Transform, Z-Transform of common functions, Inverse Z Transform, Initial and Final Value theorems, Applications to solution of difference equations, Pulse Transfer Function.

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