Major project

Project Name: GUI based Image Processing Executer

Duration: 12 Months

Technology: MATLAB

Description: Designed a software toolbox using GUI feature of MATLAB R2012b which provided codeless implementation of various image compression/ decompression/ conversion techniques. Main feature of this toolbox is an indigenously developed algorithm for compression of images related to steganography named New Age Steganography (NAS) algorithm.



Minor Project

Project Name: Gurgaon Travelogue

Duration: 6 months

Technology: HTML 5

Description: Designing a website which enables users to travel faster, more conveniently and with minimum possible expenditure within the city of Gurgaon.


Industrial Project


1. Project Name: Ultrasonic based Distance Measuring System

    Duration: 1 months

    Technology: Embedded System

    Description: Develop a prototype system which enable the operator of missile launcher to directly measure the distance of target to make out whether the target is in range or not.


2. Project Name: Metro Train Prototype

    Duration: 1.5 months

    Technology: Embedded System

    Description: Designing a prototype of driverless metro train using embedded technology


Other Project


1. Project Name : PWM Motor Control

    Duration : 6 months

    Technology : Embedded Design

    Description : Designed an embedded system for controlling speed of motor by providing amplitude modulated pulse signals with the help of 8051 microprocessor.


2. Project Name : Mousey - The Junk Bot

    Duration : 1 week

    Technology : Embedded Design

    Description : Designed a robot that replicated the behavior of mouse with sunlight whose body was made of irreparable computer mouse.