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  • Purification of Water With Solar Energy


In this project i will work to clean the water that can use by common people or poor people on those places where presence of electricity is less or not present. It is also help to those who cannot afford the water purifier as the purifiers is costly which are present in market.

This purifier will eco friendly and cheap and use by all peoples who cannot afford the present purufier and those who face problem due to electricy. In this purifier i will try to make it solar powered it will work through solar energy which is not required electricity.

Now a days in rural area many peoples are affected only from water diseases at causes very harmul disease and many of them are reached to death. To tackle and avoid these diseases and causes this purification system is very much useful if this purification system gets success all the above mentioned problems will gone and a better and good diseases free life becomes possible.

In this project the work are in progress through condensation the primary impurities will removed but for removing permanent hardness some methods have to some extent we can pure water from permanent hardness is through granules and marbels but this is less efficient to make it more efficient some more work had to done which are in progress to make it incomplete it take time.