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 Electricity Gerneration using compresses air 

Project Management Plan

Energy is the today's world biggest problem and it is growing day by day. According to today's scenario, we will be going to face many problems in future like lack of energy and resources. So I have a solution to some point for this problem. Our project is to make electric energy with help of compressed air.


In my project we are going to produce electrical energy with the help of compressed air. Generally we use air compressors which are operated using motor to compress the air, but here we are using pistons to compress the air and then compressed air will be stored in a CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage). The storage system of a CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) is one of the most interesting characteristics of this technology, and it is strictly related to its economic feasibility, energy density and flexibility. We will take the Storage depending upon the setup and area on which we are setting it up. We are going to use pistons with the speed breakers. These pistons will help us compress the air and then air will be stored into the storage. When any vehicle pass over the speed breaker air Piston will compress the air and store it into Storage. Here we will get compressed air and now we can use this compressed air to move turbine. Now, the compressed air is will be passed to turbine with high pressure and then fines of the turbine will start moving and electricity will be produced. We can also use another way to compress the air and then store it in the Air energy Storage.


We are using pistons to compress the air and then compressed air is stored in container, but it is further passed to turbine it is filtered and its pressure is checked so as to maintain normal pressure on turbine.

Advantages Over other techniques:

In this idea we have used compressed air to rotate the turbine. We can also use other techniques to rotate the turbine like water flow, with the help of rotating fan or motor (we can generate energy more then we lost in rotating the motor) etc.

But this idea has an important advantage over other techniques like when we use water flow to rotate turbine, the turbine may get damaged in few month due to heavy pressure of water on turbine fins, But when we use compressed air, we can also use air filter and use it to rotate the turbine without making any damage to turbine.


For complete Documentation click here /documents/101168/0/Air+Compressor+Speed+Breaker.docx/142f7c0e-deee-4ce4-aeb8-9a50db73a8b5