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In recent years, the interest in solar energy has risen due to surging oil prices and environmental concern. In many remote or underdeveloped areas, direct access to an electric grid is impossible and a photovoltaic inverter system would make life much simpler and more convenient. With this in mind, this paper aims to design, build, and test a solar panel inverter. This inverter system could be used as backup power during outages, battery charging, or for typical household applications. The key features of the system are a true 50Hz, 230Vrms sinusoidal voltage output, a wide input range, and maximum power-point tracking (MPPT), and a power output of up to 300W. The overall goal is to design this system while minimizing component costs. Although systems with similar features already exist, many are prohibitively expensive for those people who stand to benefit the most. In addition, inverters in the lower price range typically lack the features mentioned above.