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Name of the organization: Aon Hewitt

Address of organization: Aon center,Buliding 2,Unitech Info space,Tikri,Sector 48 Gurgaon 122001 Haryana.

Name of Manager:  Ajay Kumar

Email id of Manager: ajay.kumar.3@aonhewitt.com

Name of Project: Health and Welfare

My role in organization:

I joined Aon Hewitt as SCS(Setup Configration Specialist) in January 2015 .Aon Hewitt helps employees manage their employee benefits plans.It provides recordkeeping services to employees for their employee Defined Benefit ,Defined contribution and health and welfare plans.

SCS is the colleague responsible for configuring and testing Aon Hewitt's propiterary CBA(Core Benefit Administration) system to meet the needs of client requirements.

The SCS's uses the Test plan to perform calculations for clients to ensure that the results match what is expected.In order to do so this SCSs:


1.Execute a test plan,which they normally work with an SA to accomplish.

2.Document the results that are generated by the test plan.

3.Document any defects that occur.Typically SAs assist SCSs with this.

4.Execute regression testing,to find out what was inaccurate and discover how to repair it.

5.Updates the test needed.


If an issue requires futher resolution ,SCSs take the following steps:

1.Analyse and debug outstanding issues that have occurred.

2.Use problem-solving resources that corresponds to the concern in order to settle it.

3.Escalate to an SA or LSA when necessary.


Project Name: Health and Welfare


About the project:


Health and welfare plans are the employer sponsored palns that offer a group of employee benefits to ensure their health and well being.It also protects employee against catastrophic events.HW plans primarily provide employees access to important services during their working years and potentially in retirement.

HW plans encourages employees to have regular doctor visits to detect potential health related problems before they progress to a serious stage.Secondly employees are able to pay for their benefits on before tax basis.Benefits are more affordable when employer providedbecause a larger group of employees is covered ,each employee in the group receives a group-rate which is lower than if they receive coverage on their own.


With an HW plan:

1.Employees choose the type of coverage from an employer defined list as well as which individuals to cover(eg spouse or spouse and children).

2.Employers and employees pay for all or part of these benefits.Coverages cost values,depending on the type and extent of the coverage.

3.Employees cost are usually deducted from employees paychecks.


Technology used:


1.Core Benefit administration(CBA)


The CBA platform is used to provide health and welfare benefits to clients.Through CBA we configure the benefits to  clients.Our client's employees can enroll or check the status of their benefits.


The CBA platform uses different functions including:

1.The CBA system controls the setup of an employer's core benefits on benefit summary.

2.It is used to create,administer and publish client web content on the benefits Portal.

3.It allows employees to view current enrollment status and related messages and make updates allowed outside of annual enrollment.

4.It indicates changes that need to be made to employees records or plan/carrier information.


CBA mainly consist of the following:

  • Rapid Implementation(RI) which is used to configure client on the system.
  • Manager Self Service(MSS) which is used to create individual participants and also for testing purpose.


2.File Information Scheduling Tool(FIST)


FIST is web-based tool used to define,schedule and monitor inbound and outbound files between Aon Hewitt CBA and employer or carrier.FIST manages and maintains file interface giving support to clients.

This tool is primarily used by:

  • BeST colleagues dedicated to files implementations ,Files ongoing and Files Development Teams.
  • Files Development Team
  • System Assurance

By creating a file in FIST, a unique File ID is assigned to each of the files that will be transmitted between Aon Hewitt CBA and employer or carrier.


The files can securely transmitted through FTP account to secure connection CBA and employer/carrier.


Work Progress Details

Untill now, we have been provided training on:


1.Domain theory on various Health and welfare plans.

2.Configuring clients on Rapid Implementation(RI) which includes:

  • Creating up new clients
  • Setting their eligibility groups
  • Creating Medical and life plans
  • Benefits assignments.
  • Dependant Settings

3.Creating new participants on Manager self service(MSS) and also to perform various type of testing like unit testing and EOI testing in it .Participants are enrolled to various plans with the help of MSS.


4.An introduction to FIST(File information Scheduling Tool) and the various types of files used in CBA.