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Project Project

1.SAEindia ecocart competetion- Participated in this competetion which is a hub of all automotive industries , all we learned a lot
2. SHM electro converter
    this was the simple project in which we were arrange a pendulum to dynamo which took power from the motion of the pendulum and convert it into elecri pulses and it passses through a circuit which provides a constant 2 volt.
actually we were planned to maximize the time of motion and after it the magnetic field disturbs and due to mutual induction an emf generated and stored in a battery.
3.smart dashboard 
in this project we are mainly  focussing on the traffic problems and by a circuit arrangement we are able to it.
by this many problems can get solved like verificcation of license and RC.,it can save you from challan, it can provide you a current datasheet which is helpful for traffic police and user.
this project have been selected in national leve competetion(NASSCOM). we qualified round1 and we are registerd for second round.
4. continued