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~~•Attended "Building Fast Data Applications with Streaming Data" by VoltDb on 2-10-2014.
•Attended "Daily Briefing Webinar-Unisys Cloud 20/20 V6 Demonstrable Student Project Of The Year 2014 Contest" by Unisys Technology Forum India from 3-9-2014 to 8-9-2014.
•Attended "7 Steps to Create a Successful SharePoint Recovery Plan" by Metalogix on 17-9-2014.
•Attended "Symbolic Techniques for Model Code Optimization: FMI Applications" by Maplesoft on 14-10-2014.
•Attended "Delivering Application Performance for the Hybrid Cloud Enterprise" by Riverbed on 16-9-2014.
•Attended "Preparing and Presenting Compelling Webinars" by Matt Abrahams on 18-9-2014.
•Attended "Tata raising fund for your start up" by National Entrepreneurship Network on 21-10-2014.
•Attended "Adobe Photoshop webinar" by Adobe India on 23-8-2014.
•Attended "Four Ways to Improve ASP.NET Performance & Scalability" by Alachisoft on 17-9-2014.
•Attended "Smarter Product Development series – Part 3: Agile and Security" by IBM & IEEE Computer Society on 18-9-2014.
•Attended "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Technology Training" by Redhat on 25-9-2014.