It was an immense pleasure to be at NISF forensic lab. They discussed about different types of finger printing, their main advantages, disadvantages & basic things about cyber security also. After that visit my level of perspective is more clear about how things work. This visit was benificial for me as it will help me to initiate my project which include thumb recoginition and gives me an idea that how it should work.



NSIC established in 1995 to promote and develop micro and small industries and enterprises in country. NSIC promote the budding enterprenurs of post independent India.

NSIC helps in organizing supply of raw materials like coal, iron steel and other matrials and even machines needed by the small scale private industries by mediating with oter companies.

Nowadays it is also providing assistance by setting incubation centers. Todays visit to NSIC is all about to develop the budding enturprenurs in India. They all tell about the different small business in so that we can develop ourselves.

In NSIC we able to undestand the different kind of machines and the working of them.

I fell that today's visit is very knowledgable. As if we want to become an entuprenur it also help us financially.

NSIC improves our skills and help us to become perfect in our field. It was really a very nice experience. We all learn about the new things.