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A visit to forensic lab at NSIF--->I am glad that i was given a chance to be among the forensic expert.

They shared their experience in their field , what difficulties they face while tapping the criminal and told us about various finger printing techniques and the vast cyber security cell , Hands on the fingerprint scanner to detect the culprit. Many advantages and disadvantages were revealed regarding fingerprinting and detecting fake prints. 

I was aware that this visit will be beneficial for me in near future as i am working in a project that utilises the finger printing technique.

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MultiSoft Systems

It was an amazing and brain enlightening industrial visit . The manager of this firm greeted the students warmly . The students were buzzed up with many refreshing as well as innovative ideas . The speaker told the students about the various domains in which one can pursue their career . 

Overall it was a very motivating day and the students grabbed a lot from that visit .

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A visit to Aptron Solutions Pvt.Ltd, Noida -> 

The Aptron taught us the basics of Cisco Networking, Cisco certifications and how to have a career in this field, also they let us have handson experience on the routrs,switch,etc. They gave detailed overview of Networking.

Students raised some questions regarding the topics that were discussed and the response was good.

Thanks to Mr. Amar saraswat sir for taking me to this visit.