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                                     HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

                                       DATABASE PROJECT



A healthcare center is looking to develop a state of patient portfolio management system which is able to track their patients' medical history. This system is to facilitate the center to retrieve, update, and report the patient information efficiently, in turn helping the doctors make timely, effective diagnoses. At the same time, the center can utilize this system to monitor their medical and financial management.


Currently, different departments in the healthcare center have their own separated systems leading to the lack of communications and the inefficient data sharing. For example, the finance department uses simple EXCEL spreadsheets to record the paycheck information of the employees which is inconvenient to retrieve and update employees' information; in the clinic department, the doctors have to write down the prescriptions for the patients and keep paper documents, and also do not have any information about the patients' insurance plans; the medicine department has to keep the prescription and inventory records on their own computer system. While each system serves a distinctive purpose, there is no coordinating, assimilating and representing of data. The systems may have duplicate data which is a waste of space. The different systems also may have different application programs which cause incompatible files.


Due to these disadvantages of the current system, a healthcare management system is proposed. Healthcare management system is a database management system (DBMS), which is based on computer networks, using the advanced database technology to construct, maintain, and manipulate various kinds of data in a database system (DBS). The DBMS can track and update all the information of recorded patients in the healthcare center during a particular time span. The major advantages of the DBMS are easy to retrieve and update information, efficient data sharing and communication, and reliable backup and security.