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                                                                               PROJECT PROFILE


  • Project Title              :        VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND   INSURANCE SYSTEM


  • Objective                 :             The main objective of this system is the                                                                 Computerization of routine handling processes of any RTO consultant such as storing Bank information, Insurance of vehicles, Manufacturing Company, etc. Thus to automize the routine processes of RTO Consultant.


  • Unit                             :          
  • Operating System     :           Microsoft window xp/7/8
  • RDBMS                      :           Microsoft Access 2000/2003
  • Front End Used         :           Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0


                                                 PROBLEMS FACED BY CURRENT MANUAL SYSTEM



The phase of system analysis process deals with problems which are affecting in the current manual system. The problems are those which are affecting the RTO Consultant in its daily routine work.

           As the growing trend in InfoTech World of computers need of accuracy, perfect ness, speed and high memory data storage is a must. Each and every problem must be solved with a least amount of time and energy.


The problems faced by existing system are described as below:

è Difficulty in Maintenance of Records.

è Time Consuming.

  • Editing of data becomes a tedious job.
  • No Security of Data.
  • Mistakes Occurring in long Calculations [insurance, Total, Grand totals, yearly calculations, etc…]
  • Proper Generation of Report.
  • Lack of Efficiency and Man Power.
  • Vehicle Maintenance.
  • High Data Redundancy.
  • Data Inconsistency.



The manual system of "RTO Consultant" is to be computerized in order to overcome the problems which affect the existing manual system. Computerizing the existing system with the help of some programming language, database package ease the work of the system up to a great extent.

Generally, there has been a criterion to work on any job or task for a specific purpose. Nobody works without specific detailed information about the particular task he is performing. Thus, any transaction can be performed such as insurance of vehicle or changing the vehicle number and maintenance of vehicles. In the new computerized system the basic and the initial first step is to ask for a specific user login name and password for it, thus it can also take care of data security, now after when the user enters the necessary details in the login name and password it checks for the correct password and allows the user of the system to enter the main page.

As the user is inside the system, the first screen of the system would be a welcome message and a list of menus.

The details of each and every module is given later in this document.

After the transaction is completed the user can log off from the system by simply quitting from the system. Again if the user wants to enter in the system he must input the specific username and password to enter. The system will not allow any wrong password and will not allow to enter the system, thus it is safe from unauthorized access of the RTO Consultant's data.

The main objectives of the proposed system is to help the user. The system can be handy to the user in the following reasons:

  • To provide quick and efficient means for performing insurance related activities and to effortlessly generate report of the system.
  • To Provide quick and efficient means of changing Vehicle number and to effortless generate report of the system.
  • To automize the work such as billing, Insurance of vehicles, bank information, etc.
  • To automize the different types of reports.


  • Information gathering in any organization is not an easy task.
  • it has to be gathered in an organized way so that


(a) No system details are left out.

(b) Right problems are identified.

(c) Repetitive work is avoided.

(d) Wrong or incomplete details are not collected.


  • To do this, a proper search strategy must be decided first, search strategy includes selecting information sources and search methods.
  • It also includes modeling methods to make sense out of information so collected.
  • Here an overall idea about the search methods or fact gathering techniques which are used while gathering the information, they are:


(1) Interviewing.

(2) Record inspection.

(3) Observation.


  • These techniques are used in system analysis and design stage.


I have visited a many times at the organization to get information as well as the basic problems which are occurring in the current existing manual system. As each and every person in the organization have different types of job to be done so I met some of the people of the organization.



(1) Structured:

  • Ensures uniform wording of questions to all respondents.
  • Easy to administer and evaluate.
  • Less interview training required.
  • Result in shorter time.


(2) Unstructured:

  • Questions can be worded to suit the respondent.
  • May produce the information about the areas overlooked or not thought to be important.


(1) Structured:

  • Cost of preparation is high.
  • Such high level of structure may not always be suitable.
  • Some respondent may resist to such structure.

(2) Unstructured:

  • Inefficient use of interviewer and respondent time.
  • Results take a longer time.
  • Extra time required for the collection of essential facts.
  • The success of the interview depends on the skill of the interviewer and his/her preparation for the interview.
  • Analysts must also be aware of the kinds of difficulties at some interview, and must know how to deal with the potential problems.








This section refers to the various types of interfaces, which the user has to face during operating the computerized system of "VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND INSURANCE SYSTEM".

The section refers with the entire interface [Screens] a user will have to face while operating the current system. It shows the various screens appearing for different transactions. All the screens of different transactions in the system are shown here.

The different transaction's screens shown here are in the below given order:


  • Login Screen.
  • Main System Screen.
  • Master
    •                  Bank
    •                   Insurance Company
    •                   vehicle Type
    •                   vehicle Manufacture Company
    • Change Password
    • Exit
  • Transaction
    • Insurance
    • Registration
    • Change Vehicle No


  • Reports
    • Master
      1. Bank List
      2. Insurance Company List
      3. Vehicle Type List
      4. Vehicle Manufacture List
    • Vehicle
      1. Policy Expire
      2. CF Expire
      3.  Permit Expire
      4. Tax Expire