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International Journal:

  1. "Data Mining: A Path for Effective Counseling and Course Selection" in International Journal of Innovations in Engineering & Technology, Volume 3 Issue 3-February 2014
  2.  " Robust Digital Image Watermarking Technique using Image Normalization and Discrete Cosine Transformation in  International Journal of Computer Applications Volume 65– No.18, March 2013
  3. "A Novel Fast Hadamard Transformation Based Digital Watermarking System for Image" in Dronacharya Research Journal Jan-June 2013 Issue.

National Journal:

  1. "Proposed Approach to Data Access" in Proceedings NSAI, DCE Gurgaon
  2. "A Technique for Environment Effective Computing" in Dronacharya Research journal Jan-June 2012 Issue.


  1. Proposed Approach to Data Access in AICTE sponsored National seminar on (NSAI) at DCE, GURGAON.
  1. Presented a Paper Titled "Cloud computing" in the National Seminar on "Emerging trends in Information Technology" at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon.