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Industrial Summer Training In 2nd Year 

  • Eastern Railway Locomotive Workshop(Jamalpur Bihar)

  • 15june-15july (2015)

    Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop was established on 8 February 1862. Jamalpur Workshop was the first full-fledged railway workshop facilities in India, set up by the East Indian Railway.[1][2]

    The Railway age in Eastern India started on 15 August 1854, exactly ninety-three years before Independence. A locomotive, carriage and wagon workshop was set up in Howrah to put to commission imported rolling stock of EIR and also to render economic repairs to them but it proved unsuccessful because of problems with procuring supplies and getting skilled labor. The railways spread very fast, perhaps faster than the anticipation of EIR. Within a short span of eight years it became necessary to shift the site of workshop, as there was hardly any scope for expansion at Howrah. And then Jamalpur Workshop was established at Jamalpur