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Dear Divya Athany:


Thank you for becoming a member of the largest technical professional society in the world.


Your membership includes:


      .  IEEE Membership (student)

      .  IEEE Women in Engineering Membership


Get started now with myIEEE at http://www.ieee.org/myIEEE, your personalized gateway to IEEE membership that provides local contact information, links to information about conferences in your field, individual benefits and much more. In myIEEE you can also update your personal profile including technology focus area, technical interests and memberNet preferences so that we can continue to provide the information that is most relevant to you. Easily connect with IEEE members via memberNet, the online search and networking tool of IEEE. Access memberNet by logging into myIEEE.


In addition to personal benefits, your membership helps support the IEEE core purpose to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Specifically, this enables affordable student membership, funds university program accreditation, and helps introduce technology careers to young people around the world.


To obtain a detailed receipt, visit: http://www.ieee.org/go/receipt, reference number 1-5375618835.


Membership(s) include access to selected IEEE information products. By accessing these information products you agree to the terms located athttp://www.ieee.org/documents/electronic_terms.pdf.


Download and print your membership card at any time from your Membership and Subscription History page. Note you will not receive a membership card via mail.


For assistance, please visit the IEEE Contact Center at http://www.ieee.org/contactcenter.





Jamie Moesch

Senior Director, Member Experience

IEEE Member & Geographic Activities

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