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  • (a)        Geo Synthetics in runway resurfacing and allied Air Field infrastructure : seminar on resurfacing of runways organized by CE(AF) Ahmedabad Zone Sept 2009.

  • Geotechnical way" post  Conference proceedings of Indian Geotechnical conference Dec 2002 at NIT Allahabad.

    (c)        Natural Geotextiles in Highway renovation projects- Proceedings of

    international conference on sustainable development in road transport, organized by IRC at New Delhi in September 2002.

    (d)       Rehabilitation of underground defence structures :- 1st National

    workshop  on ageing and rehabilitation of structures organized by IIT Kharagpur in Jan 2001.

    (e)        Natural Geotextiles in Infrastructure Renovation projects :- National seminar on Emerging trends in construction technology organized by Institution of  Engineer Shillong.

    (f)        Quality control of concrete piles :- Annual journal of additional director journal (design & consultancy) Pune 1995.

    (g)        Amended soils for liners for waste containment facility :- Indian Geo technical journal, published by Indian geo technical society, New Delhi 1995.

    (h)        Construction opportunities in Central Asia :- International conference and exposition on Construction  opportunities and strategies for action with focus on  Asia Pacific Middle East & African Regions, Sep 23-25, 2004 New Delhi, By Construction Industry development Council.