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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - these words by Nelson Mandela aptly define how education sector plays a vital and   transformational role in bringing ahead new technologies.


Electronics and Computer Engineering is a course that aims to integrate two separate engineering fields to meet the joint demands made by the electronics and computer industries in today's world. Technology runs the planet, with computers and electronics playing an essential role in many types of technologies. It is truly a digital world, and those who understand this world can become valuable additions to technology-focused employers. Electronics and Computer Engineering provide a comprehensive coursework in the different aspects of both Electronics engineering and Computer science engineering. The joint applications of electronics and computers play an ever-increasing role in our lives with everything ranging from consumer goods to the satellites and space shuttles involving electronic hardware and computer software combined together. Companies involved in designing integrated computer and electronics systems pose the need for engineers with software and hardware skills for improving their yields by incorporating new ideas. Electronics and Computer Engineering branch aims at producing the much needed workforce with knowledge in wider range of disciplines who can think over multiple dimensions and is capable of making revolutionary changes in the existing technologies.

In this four year B.Tech program, students expertise not only in certain circuits, systems and specialized techniques used in electronics and computer technology career fields but also get the exposure to a combination of classroom theory and practical application in a laboratory environment. Electronics and Computer Engineering course is designed keeping the fast growing need of computer linked electronic advancement in ever-changing world in mind.

The department since its inception has seen tremendous growth in academic as well as co-curricular activities. Working towards innovations and research, the department has been active in patenting ideas and the students are motivated to come up with innovative ideas. Being shortlisted in top teams worldwide in Microsoft Imagine Cup, participating in FIA project competition and presenting papers in International IEEE conferences are just a few to mention.  The department also looks after the Indian Society for Technical Education activities in the college. The Chapter level, Zonal level and National level examinations of Shri Ramanujan Mathematical Competition 2015, organized by ISTE was hosted by the college.

The department leaves no stone unturned to motivate students in participating in all curricular and extracurricular activities at college as well as national level because we firmly believe that:  


  "Learning and innovation go hand in hand."