Views about Branch
  Gaurav Mathur
  Deputy Manager (Design), Rotary Wing Research & Design Center
  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore

The blend of these fields shall provide an exposure of embedded RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems) to the students of this branch. This interdisciplinary branch may prove beneficial to aeronautical field in particular, as it may lead to development of dedicated avionics instruments based on the hardware and signal processing knowledge and further acquisition and real time monitoring of the critical parameters by an individual. Indigenously, one can design any dedicated aircraft fitment instrument by applying electronics concepts for hardware and firmware and then modifying the Operating system as per user (pilot's) requirements.

  Avinash Sharma
  Project Manager
  Financial Services Deptt. Accenture, Pune

Electronics and Computer engineering course is the need of the hour in today's technological world. This course is providing good exposure to students to meet the joint demands made by the electronics and computer industries. A good integration of hardware and software fundamentals with the knowledge of design of computing systems seems to be the ultimate aim of this branch. Graduates of this course will surely be ideally placed to pursue their specialism in ICT (Information communication technology), which has wide applicability both nationally as well as globally.


With the exponential development of ICT technologies worldwide, graduates from this branch will be at the forefront of people being employed in this area.

  Pulkit Garg
  ECE (2005-2009)
  Software Test Engineer with United Health Group

"When I started my Engineering career way back in 2005, I only had four major streams viz. IT, CSE, ECE and ME. I wanted to be part of such a stream where I can enhance my skills both in software and hardware. But no such stream was available then. I consider you people very lucky that you got this astonishing opportunity to be a part of Electronics and Computer Engineering. In my understanding this cross-discipline study gives you the advantage of becoming a multi-skilled professional engineer with a thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques from other closely related areas that are likely to influence and affect your career, such as object oriented programming or artificial intelligence."

  Sameer Wasan
  ECE (2006-2010)
  Ericsson India Global Service Pvt. Ltd.

"Electronics and Computer Engineering stream is a great blend of both (Electronics & Communication) & (Computer Science) Engineering. Students of this stream will be well versed in programming skills, electronics and telecommunication field. This shall give them a good launch pad to excel in their professional career. At present, there is fierce competition in market but I'm sure students of this stream will have an edge over others. I congratulate the college management team for futuristic vision of starting this stream."

  Aakriti Rupal
  ME (2008-2012)
  GET, Studds Accessories Limited

"Dronacharya College of Engineering is truly a GURUKUL which moulds the career and personality of an individual. I owe my sincere thanks to DCE for nurturing my best in a way that I stand with full confidence to face the world. Electronics and Computer Engineering is yet another feather in the cap of DCE that will enrich a student's knowledge in both Computers and Electronics and provide them a choice to choose a career in either field."

  Aditya Gaba
  ECE (2006-2010)
  Senior Software Engineer, Mahindra Satyam

"Electronics & Computer Engineering has the best of the two most sought after Engineering branches. Hence it holds the potential of making students industrially more competent than their peers in other streams."

  Nitin Jain
  ECE (2007-2011)
  Engineer (FO) - 1st Level Assurance, Ericsson India Global Service Pvt. Ltd.

"I would like to thank the college administration for introducing a new branch "Electronics & Computer Engineering" which will be very beneficial for the students who want to enter in the booming world of IT & Telecom. Being a part of a big IT and telecom industry i.e. Ericsson Global India Pvt. Ltd I feel that knowledge of IT is equally important as the knowledge of Electronics & Telecom Network. Rather the duo complements each other!


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