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On 13th September, 2014 a one-day Industrial visit to Xinoe Systems Pvt. Ltd., Binary Semantic Technology Centre, Gurgaon was organised for the students of III and V Semesters from ECS Department of Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon.

Twenty students along with two faculty members Mrs. Akanksha Kulshreshtha and Ms. Parul Bansal had visited the campus of Xinoe where Mr. Nate Srinath Nudurupati, Founder and Director of Xinoe shared his experience and few fascinating memories with the students. He also motivated the students to choose at least one stream in which he/she should have full command. He advised the students to make themselves updated by reading latest technological news. Afterwards the students were showed many devices which were created and designed by Xinoe for their overseas clients.

The visit was more beneficial for the students who were interested in making their major projects using embedded systems. They actually got an opportunity to visualise the components and IC's which they can use in their major projects.

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