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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Emerging economies are characterized by an increasing market orientation and an expanding economic foundation. The success of many of these economies is such that they are rapidly becoming major economic forces in the world. Entrepreneurship plays a key role in this economic development. The mission of the EDC is to "develop institutional mechanism" to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students. The Entrepreneurs Development Cell set up under the scheme is expected to act as a tool to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment amongst technical students as an attractive and viable career option.E-Cell has encouraged a lot of innovative thinking, creativity and application of mind among the students. The students acquired hands on experience of interviewing entrepreneurs, writing business plans and making presentations. This brought out the entrepreneurial traits and realization that "entrepreneurs are made and not born". The objective of E-cell is to provide exposure to the students of DGI who consider entrepreneurship as a career choice. This also serves as a platform to develop leadership trails, wealth for a wider and broader spectrum of stakeholders. We are also coordinating with concerned organizations to set up our own incubation center.