Publications / Presentations:

10 papers published / presented

  • Key Note adress in National Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics & Communication Engineering at DCE, Gurgaon on 6 June14.
  • Tips for sucessful Application of Value Engineering/Value Management Techniques at National Conference on Value Engg at Jamshedpur in Jun 1986.
  • Key Note adress in National Conference on Technolical Development in Electronics  Engineering at DCE, Gurgaon on 13 March 15.
  • Paper on "Compression Algorithms By Using Wavelets"    DRONACHARYA RESEARCH JOURNAL,Vol.2, Issue 1, Jul-Dec-10      

  • Paper on "Swarm Intelligence" DRONACHARYA RESEARCH JOURNAL, Vol. 1, Issue-2, Jan-Jun -10      

  • Paper on Trends in Cloud Computing Technology, DRONACHARYA RESEARCH JOURNAL, Vol. 5, Issue-I, Jan-Jun-13, ISSN: 0975-3390.      

  • Paper on "Electronic Warfare" published in DRJ. (Jan- Jun11 Issue)
  • Paper on "Electronic Waste Management" published in Annual Issue of IETE Journal Sep 10.
  • Paper on "Technology and Terrorism" published in DRJ (Jan – Jun 10 Issue).
  • Paper on "Wi-Max Technology for Broadband Wireless Communication" in DRJ. (Jul – Dec 09 Issue).
  • Paper on "Tips for Successful Application of Valve Engg / Valve Management Technique" (INVEST – 86)