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Project Project

Minor Project(7th Semester Project) :

Face Recognition System using Neural Networks - 

Objectives of the Project :

  • To recognize a sample face from a set of given faces.
  • Use of Principal Component Analysis [Using Eigen face approach].
  • Recognition from facial images with different poses of the same individual.
  • Recognition at low false accept/alarm rates.

Scope :

1. In order to prevent the frauds of ATM in India, it is recommended to prepare the database of all ATM customers with the banks in India & deployment of high resolution camera and face recognition software at all ATMs. So, whenever user will enter in ATM his photograph will be taken to permit the access after it is being matched with stored photo from the database. 

2. Duplicate voter are being reported in India. To prevent this, a database of all voters, of course, of all constituencies, is recommended to be prepared. Then at the time of voting the resolution camera and face recognition equipped of voting site will accept a subject face 100% and generates the recognition for voting if match is found.

3. Passport and visa verification can also be done using face recognition technology as explained above. 

4. Driving license verification can also be exercised face recognition technology as mentioned earlier.

5. To identify and verify terrorists at airports, railway stations and malls the face recognition technology will be the best choice in India as compared with other biometric technologies since other technologies cannot be helpful in crowdy places.

6. In defense ministry and all other important places the face technology can be deployed for better security.

7. This technology can also be used effectively in various important examinations such as SSC, HSC, Medical, Engineering, MCA, MBA, B- Pharmacy, Nursing courses etc. The examinee can be identified and verified using Face Recognition Technique.

8. In all government and private offices this system can be deployed for identification, verification and attendance.

9. It can also be deployed in police station to identify and verify the criminals.

10. It can also be deployed vaults and lockers in banks for access control verification and identification of authentic users.

11. Present bar code system could be completely replaced with the face recognition technology as it is a better choice for access & security since the barcode could be stolen by anybody else.