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Training Training

Done summer training  from    "Huawei Telecommunication Co Pvt Ltd"

                                               FOR THE PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT

                                                                               FOR THE AWARD


                                                                   BACHLOR OF TECHNOLOGY



Industrial training is an indispensable part of an engineering curriculum. It provides the students an opportunity to gain from the practical applications of their knowledge. 

My training at Huawei Telecommunication Co Pvt Ltd has been very fruitful. I am sure that hands on the experience, I have gained here will go a long way towards making me a competent engineer.

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to Mr.Hanuman,Mr.Harish my project guide who trusted me and gave me responsible project work and provide me with timely and proper guide whenever required. This provided me experience not only the technical and practical aspects of the industry but also in human relations, team work and also provide great insight in to the actual working of industry. Without his efforts, this training would not have been as great a learning experience as it has been. I take this opportunity to also thank all the staff of HUAWEI who offered unconditional support and advised during the course of my training.
I hereby also declare that the contents in this report are true to best my knowledge.