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  • Virtual assistant for the Hny Customs.
  • Participated in Technical Exhibition at District open exhibition for three consecutive competitions i.e. –26-January-2014, 15-august-2014 and 26-january-2015.
  • Secured 6th position at "Automobile and I.C Engine" final Round of National level Competition in RoboTryst-2015 (Annual Fest) held at I.I.T Delhi on 27th February2015 – 2nd March2015.
  • Got certification of Cambridge university English language awareness course.
  • Qualified "Baja 2016" Virtual Round.
  • Rank in "Quad Torc 2015" held at Dhouj, Faridabad.
  • Winner in Automobile and I.C Engine quiz held at zonal level in 2014 at zonal center D.C.E GGN.
  • First Position in AutoCad Competetion in DronTech 2014 held at DCE, Gurgaon