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Writing Part-1

1.      Over the weekend, you had to help a friend who was very ill. Thus, you could not complete a homework assignment on time. Write to the teacher explaining why you were not able to do it and if you can still submit it late.

2.      You are going to attend a University in the US and will live on campus, in the dorm, with another roommate. Write a letter to this university describing the type of roommate you would like to have.

3.      Nuclear power is used for many purposes. There are advantages and disadvantages to having nuclear power. What do you feel they are and do you believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Why or why not?

4.      In some countries, the death penalty, where certain crimes are punishable by death – is legal, and in others, it is not. What is your opinion on this?

5.      In some cultures, men are expected to work long hours and have little time to spend with their families. In others, men believe it is very important to spend time with their children and families. What do you think about this topic? Support your answer with specific details.

6.      Nowadays, technology has made communication with people around the world easy and fast. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this global communication?

7.      Some people believe that studying abroad provides many advantages. Other people believe that studying abroad can be very difficult. What are your thoughts on this topic?

8.      Studying overseas, or studying in a foreign country, can provide great experience and many advantages; however, it can also be very challenging and difficult. What do you think about studying overseas? Support your answer with specific details.

9.      Some people believe that rich countries should help the poor countries. Other people believe that each country is responsible for its own success. What are your thoughts on this topic?

10.  Some people admire professional athletes and movie stars; while others admire politicians or people who serve the community or country. Whom do you admire? Support your answer with specific details.

11.  Some people enjoy living in the middle of a big city, while others enjoy living along the sea or in the mountains. Which setting do you prefer and why? Support your answer.

12.  Some people feel that oil resources will run out in next 50 years, and others feel that they will last forever? Those that worry about oil resources being limited want to look to other sources of energy to end our dependency on oil. What is your opinion on this? What is your proposed solution to this problem?

Speaking Part

30 Seconds to think and 40 Seconds for Speaking

1.     Some people enjoy studying Mathematics, some literature, some chemistry and others simple story books. What you like to enjoy. Why?

2.     Your cousin is having a party and you would like to invite one of your friends. Describe your friend.

3.     What do you like the most and the least about the city where you live?

4.     What is one activity that you like to do with a friend?

5.     Describe one of your favorite holidays and one tradition or custom that your family follow.

6.     You are at a party and you are meeting a new person. Introduce yourself to the new personality.