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Project Experience :

  • Project         :  CASystem
  • Duration      :  3-4 months
  • Front end     :  VB6
  • Back end     :  ODBC, SQL 2008 R2
    • Description:  Many organizations stay with their current accounting system too long. It's comfortable to use something that's known and understood. But the point here is that how much you are compromising with your current accounting system. There's usually fear involved with switching to something new and unknown. But calm doesn't always fear—especially when it comes to the financial health and long-term success of your business.

In order for a system to meet your business needs, it should engage with your existing business practices and adapt to technological innovations. Ideally, you want software that's simple, intuitive, and closely matched to how you already do business. CA System can help you as your organization grows: expanding as your business expands, allowing for additional users, and offering the kinds of reports and other business intelligence data required.