International Symposium on

Emerging Trends and Technologies in Libraries and Information Services

(ETTLIS 2015)

Organized by

Institute of Information Technology, Noida (UP)

From 6th January to 8th January 2015,


Technically sponsored by

IEEE and in association with King's College, London


(Dr. Sanjay Kataria,Dr. D K Rai, Dr. S C Saxana, Dr. Mark Hedges, Dr. Ramesh Gaur, Dr. Shriram)

Inauguration Ceremony


Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), Noida (UP) has organized an International Symposium on Emerging Trends and Technologies in Libraries and Information Services- ETTLIS 2015 from 6th January to 8th January 2015, technically sponsored by IEEE and in association with King's College, London.


I have attended this symposium duly permitted and sponsored by the college.

Dr. Mark Hedges of Kings College- London, Dr. S. C. Saxena, Vice Chancellor- JIIT, Noida, jointly inaugurated the symposium with the ceremonial lighting of lamp. Dr. K. Rai, Chairman- LRC JIIT Noida, Dr. Ramesh Gaur, Librarian- JNU, Dr. Sanjay Kataria, Organizing Secretary and Dr. Shriram co- organizing secretary were also present.

Prof. S. C. Saxena Vice Chancellor, JIIT, highlighted the importance of libraries in education and the role they play in over all personality development of a student. He said ETTLIS has become the brand name for the library professionals globally and providing a good platform for the interaction of library professionals.

Dr. Sanjay Kataria, the organizing secretary briefed about the programme structure of the symposium and dwelt upon upcoming deliberations and their importance for LIS. More than 200 participants from most of the states of India and 70 speakers from 20 countries have attended the symposium.


Beginning the technical proceedings, the first session of the symposium was chaired by Dr. R. K. Chadha, Additional Secretary, Parliament of India and Co- chaired by Dr. P. K. Jain of IEG, Delhi. The session took off with an impressive and knowledge based talk by Dr. Mark Hedges, Director, Centre for E- Research King College London, UK who dwelt upon the benefits of sharing data and new research from existing data. He tried to differentiate on big science Vs small and how data is scattered across institutions with limited facilities for data curation. Delivering the keynote talk, Dr Mark Hedges focused on the major issues and challenges faced in capturing, storing and representations of research output which are coming up because of the multi disciplinary research.

Dr. Usha Munshi, Librarian, IIPA, Delhi, gave a presentation on enumerated Big and open data licensing. She shared her experience about data policy-data: relationship b/w various types of data. Big data attributes to 3vs- velocity, volume, variety but the most important is VALUE, she emphasized that research data available in public domain would be of great help to researchers and consistent efforts are in place for sharing of this type of data.

The session ended with a very fruitful commercial presentation from Balani Infotech on Turnitin, the anti-plagiarism software.

Prof. John Paul Anbu K, delivering his invited talk "Access to Library Resources through portable devices: A pre-design prototype for creating library websites, elaborated how one can design the mobile websites as trends has been changing rapidly because of the availability of e-resources and exhaustive need to provide plate form. He explained the various steps involved in designing the mobile right from the user study to platform, frequency, and internet access point in his pre design prototype.

Post lunch session chaired by Mr. Yogendra Singh of IIT, Roorki and co-chaired by Dr. Neeraj Chaurasia, Dy. Librarian, IITD witnessed an enlightening talk delivered by Mitsuhiro Oda on emerging trends in reference services in libraries of Japan in which he focused on the results of questionnaire survey. This was followed by a commercial presentation by JOVE on their product Video Journals.

In another parallel session chaired by Dr. R K Srivstava, Supreme court of India Library and co-chaired by Dr. Satish Malik, Librarian MDU Rohtak, a talk John Paul Anbu K   on" access to library resources through portable devices: a pre-designed prototype for creating websites in Swaziland,  and Mr. Holger Mayer delivered a talk on" Building digital archives: design decisions: A best practice example. The sessions also includes well discussed contributed papers from participants like Ms. Harpreet Kaur, Ukwattge Kanchana, Rittu Sethi, Tanuj Singh, C. Sujatha, Rachna Patnail. Collence Talaingenhamo Chistia, Akanksha Gaur and Punit Gupta etc. on various topics ranging from digital preservations, cloud computing to Distributed Digital Library System.

The post tea session of the symposium was marked by lively discussion and interesting presentations chaired by Dr. Raj Kumar, co- chaired by Dr. Nabi Hasan and Dr. R K Dharma of Delhi Technological University.

The session includes talk by very eminent invited speakers, Dr. Shailendar Kumar, DLIS, University of Delhi, Wareewan Siriwanij &  Sirtorn Yengrengreung of Thailand and Dr. Anna Jordanous of UK who spoke on Media Use of Nursing Students in Thailand and Enhancing Information Retrieval and Resources Discovery from Data using the semantic web respectively. Both of the talks were well received by the participants and generated lot of discussion.

Both the sessions had sizeable paper presentations which were well attended and also led to several queries from the delegates. Some of the important papers presenters were Navin Upadhyay, Neelam Thapa, Nowsheeba  Ashraf Asmi, Sri Ram, Ashaq Hussain, Leili Seifi, Shiv Singh, Tanveer Haider Naqvi, Sudip Bhattacharjee and Md. Maidul Islam who spoke on varies issues of contemporary concern and presented important research based findings.


On second day, first session is chaired by Prof. N. Laxman Rao and a theme based talk by Ms. Nagian Lek Choh on "Unlimited possibilities for search and find- The National Library Board of Singapore's  journey. She elaborated her role as a professional informed about one stop portal for e-readers, developed by them which display titles and others library related stuff@ of China town, library@ orchard- a reading hub. The session ended generated lot of discussion, followed by a commercial presentation on Essential Engineering Technologies by IET.

Chaired by Dr. Debal C Kar, Librarian AU Delhi along with Dr. Neeraj Singh of Punjab University, this session witnessed cores of presentations like one from Dr Chumnong presented on Information Literacy on long life learning in which he talked about the four steps to development for the information literacy in enhancement of the elementary school education. He brought to the notice the significant difference that student who learned though the enriched curriculum, Mr. Satyabrata Garanayak spoke on the basics of the knowledge management and knowledge strategies. Mr. Vijay Verma talked on text mining and informational professionals, role, issues and challenges. Another speaker Dr Sunil Goria elaborated on access management in CeRA of India: strategies to maximize the use of e resources. He also discussed the consortium for e resources for CeRA and emphasized on electronic resource management Mr. SC Saxena spoke on E- Journal to Scientist and researchers in India and role of consortia.

A Panel Discussion on Emerging Trends and Technologies on library services chaired by the Prof P B Mangla saw a plethora of opinions and divergent views emanating from eminent experts. Opening the discussion, Prof N Laxman Rao talked about education for professionals and users as technology alone does not help. He also emphasized  need for active sharing of open resources. Shri IR Kumar was of the opinion that nothing concrete has been implemented which has been recommended by the various commities and it is time now that steps are taken for the same. He also stated that reading habits should be improved for the full use of library and should be inculcated since the childhood for voracious readership. Dr Richard Gartner enumerated that librarians role is changing from custodians to knowledge managers whereas Dr Maureen Henninger asserted that emerging trends in library services are positive and she is concerned about the curiosity and imagination that library professionals need to show. Another panelist, Professor Chutima Sacchanand argued that the role of the librarians should be that of an educator of information literacy and summarized how library profession in South East Asia is dealing with it. Dr Tariq Asharf cautioned about the threats which library profession is facing from various sources like google, MOOCS, Web 2.0, resource discovery tools which can be dealt with by repositioning and reinventing the library philosophy and diversifying into newer areas and services. He further argued that we need to be innovative and devise strategies like that of embedded librarianship. The session generated lot of discussion and interest.

A discussion on role of commonwealth professional fellowship in development of libraries and librarianship in developing countries took place, wherein a penal of experts shared their experiences of the fellowship. The session was chaired by Ms. Gurdish Sandhu-UEL, UK and participated by Dr. Sanjay Kataria, Dr. Shri Ram, Dr. Rishi Tiwari and Sunil Goria among others. The participants greatly benefitted from the discussion.

Ms. Gurdish Sandhu and Dr. Kiran Kaur on re-envisioning the library services and online customer experience in a session which generated lot of exchange of ideas and discussion. Both the eminent speakers elaborate on the theme and shared their expertise with the delegates. The session was chaired by Dr. Ramesh C Gaur of JNU.

Last session of the day, chaired by Dr. Sanjay Kataria and Dr. MS Rana, extensively discussed issues related to technology and repositories. The invited speaker Ms. Neelam Bharti dwelt upon the application of 3D technologies in libraries while Dr. Wanda V.Dole spoke on institutional repositories. Ms. Meena Oak showcased the digital repository of Indian Management Institute with DSpace as case study. Dr. Naushad Ali PM from AMU shared his idea on status of electronic publishing of scholarly literature in India. A trend in research output and collaboration pattern among BRICS countries was identified and highlighted by the Dr. Nabi Hasan through scientometric studies, followed by Mr. Sumeer Gul presentations on research endeavor on Jaypee Group of Institutions in last ten years. 

On third day, first session was chaired by Prof. Jagtar Singh, Professor & Head, DLIS, Punjab University, Patiala and Co-chaired by Dr. Phuldeep Kumar, DRDO New Delhi. Invited speakers ware Dr. Lynne M. Rudasill, US and Mr Richard Gartner, UK. Dr.  Lynne M. Rudasill gave a presentation on Changing Dimensions of Libraries in the Internet Era and Richard Gartner gave a talk on New roles of Librarian: custodian or digital asset managers. The session is followed by commercial presentation by Open LX and Wiley

Very interesting Tutorial were given by Prof. Paul Nieuwenhuysen, Belgium on Search by image through the Internet: an additional method to find information.

After Facilitation Function and commercial presentation by Softlink, two parallel sessions were conducted, first was  chaired by  Prof. Krishan Kumar Former Professor & Head, DLIS, University of Delhi and Co-Chaired by Dr. Sudeep Sharma, Librarian JUET Guna and 2nd session was Chaired by  Prof. S.P. Singh, Former Professor & Head, DLIS, DU, Delhi and Co-Chaired by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Librarian, Rajdhani College, Delhi.

Dr. K. P. Singh presented a paper on  AILLMIS-Login Based Online interface for Librarians, Libraries and Venders in India and Muhammad Tariq, of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan gave presentation on Use, Purpose and Usage ranking of online Information Resources by University Research Students of Pakistan. He found that Social Media is very prominent on-Line resource among the research students in Pakistan.

Very interesting peppers were presented on Plagiarism. Ms. Richa Tripathi, presented a paper on Avoiding Plagiarism in Research through free online Plagiarism Tools, and Faizal Nisha's topic was Plagiarism in Research: Special Reference to Initiatives Taken by Indian Organizations,  and Ashutosh Pandey presented a paper on  The menace of Plagiarism- how to detect and curb It.

In another parallel session Ms. Rani Anand, Approach to Managing E-resources: Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (UEA).

Rajbir Singh, presented a paper on Study of Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Team Effectiveness in Academic Libraries.

This is followed by a Panel Discussion on Emerging Technologies in Library Services.

This symposium ETTLIS-2015 has provided a good platform for learning and interacting with the wide spectrum of learned and experienced library and information professionals. The papers presented were very rich in contents and quality with hands on experience on various issues concerned with the library & information services. They covered almost all the aspects of the theme of the symposium. It was a good learning experience to attend such a symposium. It has provided an opportunity to update on the emerging trends which will help in serving the organization in much better way.


With Prof. Mitsuhiro Oda (Japan), Dr. Anna Jordanous (U K), Prof. Chutima Sacchanand (Thailand),

Mohammad Tariq (Pak)

In Panel Discussion

(Dr. E. Rama Reddy & Prof. Mitsuhiro Oda (Japan) can also be seen)


With Prof. Paul Nieuwenhuysen, (Belgium) and others


With Dr. Ramesh Gaur, Dr. I R Kumar & Others


With Mr.Nathaniel Azbooche (Nigeria) & Others

Dr. Mark Hedges (U K), Mr. Richard Gartner (U K), Dr. Anna Jordanous (U K)


With Dr. Sanjay Kataria & Others


With Dr, Nabi Hassan, IITD and others

With Muhammad Tariq(PAK) Mr. Richard Gartner (U K) Dr. Mark Hedges (U K)


With Dr. Maureen Henninger (AUS), Dr. Jai Bhatt & Dr. Tariq Ashraf


With Dr. Jai Bhatt & Others