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A new concept of pc is coming now that is E-Ball Concept pc. The E-Ball concept pc is a sphere shaped computer which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops. This computer has all the feature like a traditional computer, elements like keyboard or mouse, dvd, large screen display. E Ball is designed that pc is be placed on two stands, opens by pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side of the E-Ball pc, this pc is the latest concept technology. The E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made. This PC concept features all the traditional elements like mouse, keyboard, large screen display, DVD recorder etc, all in an innovative manner. E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side. After opening the stand and turning ON the PC, pressing the detaching mouse button will allow you to detach the optical mouse from the PC body. This concept features a laser keyboard that can be activated by pressing the particular button. E-Ball is very small, it is having only 6 inch diameter sphere. It is having 120×120mm motherboard.


Aren't you tired of your PC? By its ugly shape and the way that it looks?


The E-Ballconcept pc is a sphere shaped computer which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops. This computer has all the feature link a traditional computer elements like keyboard or, mouse, dvd, large screen display.E Ball is designed that pc is be placed on two stands, opens by pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side of the E-Ball pc , this pc is the latestconcept technology.This concept PC will measure 160mm in diameter and it was designed for Microsoft Windows OS, sorry about the others. For the moment there is no word on pricing or when it's going to be available, however, I am sure that everybody would like to see a small spherical PC like this one.
It is Design by APOSTOL TNOKOVSKI. It's not going to be like a PDA, its going to be a PC with all conventional components like (1) mouse,(2)keyboard ,(3) normal screen. As it is spherical in shape, it draws everybody's attention.
E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing andholding the two buttons located on each side.E Ballconcept pc don't have any externaldisplay unit.

It contain I-Tech virtual keyboard with dual core processor , 2gb RAM,350-500 GB harddrive, integrated graphics and sound card. It contains wireless optical mouse and laser keyboard, and LCD projector. It has around 350-600GB of Hard Disk Drive .It contains 5GB RAM. It has two 50W speakers. It has LAN and WLAN card and a Web cam.

Intel Core is a brand name used for various mid-range to high-end consumer and business microprocessor made by Intel. The current lineup of Core processors includes the latest following processors: Intel Core i7 Intel Core i5Intel Core i3 Intel CoreIntel Core Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core 2 Solo Intel Core 2 Quad The e-ball pc basically uses Intel core 2 Duo processor.

RAM stands for Random Access memory. It gets the word "random" because information can be accessed in non-sequential order. Though the data itself is storedtighter, it could be anywhere in the "container" or amount of RAM available. RAM is measured in "bits", and 8 bits equal to 1 byte. A kilobyte is equal to 1024 bits, and megabyte is equal to 1024 kilobyte. The E-BALL pc uses 2gb of RAM.
There are two type of ram : SRAM N DRAM


Hard drive is basically a secondary storage device. It is non-volatile in nature. It consists of metal platter coated with oxide that can be magnetized to represent data. We can directly access the data from hard drive. The e-ball pc basically consists 350-500 GB of hard drive.


A video card, display card, graphics card, or graphics adapter is an expansion card which generates output images to a display. Most video cards offer various functions such as accelerated rending of 3D scenes and 2D graphic, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 decoding, TV output, or the ability to connect multiple monitors. Other modern high performance video cards are used for more graphically demanding purposes, such as PC games. Video hardware is often integrated into the motherboard, however all modern motherboards provide expansion ports to which a video card can be attached. In this configuration it is sometimes referred to as a video controller or graphics. A video card, display card, graphics card or graphics adapter is an expansion card controller.


Elements of E-Ball
It contains wireless optical mouse and laser keyboard, and LCD projector.It has around 350-600GB of Hard Disk Drive.It contains 5GB RAM. It has two 50W speakers. It has LAN and WLAN card and a Web cam. When you want to carry it around you can easily "pack it" into a ball. This is a futuristic concept, and this, I think, is how the future computers will look like. This device has an optical keyboard and an holographic display. So you don't have a physical keyboard and no monitor! Still, the mouse is physical but it fits in to the computer when you want to carry it around. The bad thing about using a virtual keyboard is that you need a smooth surface, otherwise I don't know how will you be able to use it. It is strange enough to call this device a computer, because it is so small, but as far as I know it doesn't lack any hardware part and tends to be a future machine found in any house or office. I don't know exactly how this computer will be powered but I battery so think it will have a powerful you will have a great stand by time.



Working of E-Ball :
E Ball concept pc don't have any external display unit,it has a button when you press this button a projector will pop and it focus the computer screen on the wall which can be adjusted with navigation keys. If there is no wall then it has a paper sheet holder that divides into three pieces like an umbrella just after popping up,and it will show desktop on the paper sheet. Also, the E-Ball PC supports a paper holder and the paper sheet on the holder could act like a screen where you can watch movies or something. This concept PC will measure 160mm in diameter and it was designed for Microsoft Windows OS.
E-Ball concept pc has a laser keyboard that is fully a concept keyboard that is visible when the pc is in working. The keyboard is not physical - it is interpreted by lasers that appear after press the respective button. It recognizes your fingers with the help of an IR sensor when you are typing at a particular place, while the mouse is a pop out wonder making this an existing piece of technology.

The software interface of E-Ball concept pc is highly stylized with icons that can be remembered easily that support all type of windows operating system. E-Ball concept pc work very easy while you are making video presentations, listening music watching large screen movies, and chatting on the net.

5 simple step and you can use-press and hold the power buttonfor 5 sec. adjust the LCD projector. detach the optical mouse. activate the virtual mouse ,do whatever you want.

Essential Parts of e-ball-

1.Virtual keyboard
Virtual Keyboard is just another example of today's computer trend of ‘smaller and faster'. It uses sensor technology and artificial intelligence to let users work on any surface as if it were a keyboard. Virtual Keyboard is a small Java application that lets you easily create multilingual text content on almost any existing platform and output it directly to web pages. Virtual Keyboard, being a small, handy, well-designed and easy to use application, turns into a perfect solution for cross platform multilingual text input. The main features are: platform-independent multilingual support for keyboard text input, built-in language layouts and settings, copy/paste etc. operations support just as in a regular text editor, already existing system language settings remain intact, easy and user-friendly interface and design, and small file size

Virtual keyboard basically consists of three components:-
a.  The  Sensor Module:- 
 The sensor module serves as the eyes of the  Keyboard Perception technology. The Sensor Module operates by locating the user's fingers in3-D space and tracking the intended keystrokes

b.IR-light source:-
The Infrared Light Source emits a beam of infrared light. This  light beam is designed to overlap the area on which the keyboard pattern projects. This is done so as to illuminate the user's fingers.

IR –light source                                                      Pattern projector

c.The Pattern Projector:-
The Pattern Projector basically presents the image of the keyboard. This image can be projected on any flat surface. The projected image is that of a standard qwerty-keyboard, with all the keys and control functions as in the keyboard.
E-BALL that is the concept pc basically uses LCD projector. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. LCD projectors are systems that display or project information or video onto a flat surface. Video signals are comprised of three colors: red, green, and blue.LCD projectors contain a separate glass panel for each. Each panel consists of two plates of glass with a layer of liquid crystal between them. When a charge is applied, the crystals open to allow light through or close to block it. This opening and closing of pixels is what forms the image.

Two types of projectors used-
1.LCD projector:
An LCD projector is a type video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface. It is a modern equivalent of the slide projector or overhead projector. To display images, LCD (liquid-crystal display) projectors typically send light from a metal-halide lamp through a prism or series of dichroic filters that separates light to three polysilicon panels – one each for the red, green and blue components of the video signal. As polarized light passes through the panels (combination of polarizer, LCD panel and analyzer), individual pixels can be opened to allow light to pass or closed to block the light. The combination of open and closed pixels can produce a wide range of colors and shades in the projected image.




2. DLP projector
Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a type of projector technology that uses a digital micromirror device. It was originally developed in 1987 by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments. While the DLP imaging device was invented by Texas Instruments, the first DLP based projector was introduced by Digital Projection Ltd in 1997. Digital Projection and Texas Instruments were both awarded Emmy Awards in 1998 for the DLP projector technology. DLP is used in a variety of display applications from traditional static displays to interactive displays and also non-traditional embedded applications including medical, security, and industrial uses.


When we are working in an open place we can make use of a paper sheet as a screen.Paper sheet holder is placed at the back panel of this computer.The holder can be opened by pressing it in the lower part


Advantages of E-Ball:
It is portable.
E-Ball has large memory.
Useful for making video presentations. 
These have greater speed.
Supports  user-defined keyboard layouts
Disadvantages of E-Ball:
Normal OS can't work in these computers.
Cost of E-Ball is very high.
It is difficult to understand if any problems occur in hardware components.