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Even  in  the   modern  world of technology and  machines, large  number of labours are  working.  These  labours  include 
potters ,construction worker who are working  in different sectors .These people have to bare the pressure hectic work but also have to carry huge load on their body. This burden not only hampers their efficiency to work but also leads to spoil of their physique in present and  acts as factor  to  have  aliments in future too. 


LLR  is a  ergonomically  designed ,  which would help  to  distribute the weight carried by labour on their  body. This concept can  be  used by  labours working in factories,  porters,  construction worker etc


1 Load on  labours can be reduced . 
2 Efficiency of workers can increase and workers can work for long hours.
3  Jerks, stress and dislocation ailments due to high load bared on workers can be eliminated to a great extent. 


The structure has a head  gear, back  bag,  sliding mechanism, table mechanism.

Head  gear : It  enables to carry load on head without load concentrating on head, it also uniformly transfer weight to the shoulder reducing the stress.

Back  bag : It enables to carry large amount of weight on the back without having much stress on the back.

Slider mechanism :We  can slide the object using roller which can help to carry the load on slope area and  increase efficiency .

Table : The whole structure can be changed into a table. 


By using this mechanism, load can be distributed throughout the body which enables to increase efficiency and enhance the life span of the workers 


It can  be  used  by  Potter,  construction workers, Daily  wage workers and  many  more.

It  can  be  used  by  labours who  work  at  different  shop for  carrying large  weight without  being  exhausted.

Our Motivation in design

Technology has evolved to a great extent but burden on a labours shoulder kills the nations generation with iron arms . Small scale workers has to be benefited with scientific innovation and technology to improve nations productivity . Small idea can revolutionise millions of life , and this notion played key factor in motivating us to find something for grass root level workers of society which can play vital role in increasing nations productivity .