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Instant Chat Messenger (Offline & Online) using JAVA


 Opening Email Ids and official Websites is something which students dont like to do at all. They find it very tiring and a boring work to do.

This instant chat messenger will work in an Online Mode ( like other chat messengers ) as well as it will work in an offline mode. The Online mode will work same as all other chat messengers and we all know chatting using a messenger is something students love to. The NEW offline mode feature will save the chat logs and sent messages into a secure database (on JAVA) and will send the messages to the Client ( the student ) when offline just like Gmail Offline System..


I will work on this project because i love JAVA and i have an interest to develop a project in Java.

Currently i m working on making the messengers GUI ( Graphical User Interface )



A small simple website with mini projects


This website named Prome was created by me and my friend. The project was basically to make some mini and fun projects with PHP , HTML and other languages but we need a platform so that the world can see those projects so we came to an idea of making this website. The website was coded with the help of all bits of knowledge i got about front end languages. We want to extend our website to further contents that are useful for audience for learning purpose so our mini projects codes are open source that is - people can see and make their own codes from that. By this we need to make a learning website aswell so that more and more people can learn about coding languages especially the front end languages. 

We will work on our website Prome till the end and i strongly believe it will be succesful as a side project other than the one mentioned above.