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  1. Attended 2 months Research Fellowship program at IIT Delhi from 15 May 2014- 16 July 2014 in Computer Service Centre under guidance of Mr. Gopal Krishan, Senior manager, IIT Delhi.

  2. Participated in two week Faculty Updation Training on " Information Security on Virtual Training Environment (VTE)" organized by C-DAC Hydrabad  in collaboration with NELIT Gorakhpur at ISEA Lab DeitY, New Delhi from 17th Dec 2013 – 27th Dec 2013.

  3. Participated in one week short term course on "Open Source Technologies through ICT", conducted by Computer Science & Engineering Dept. NITTR Chandigarh from 21-25, July 2014 at DCE Gurgaon.

  4. Presented a seminar on "Cloud Service Model", at Ansal School of Engineering on June 06, 2014.

  5. Participated in two day ISTE e-Seminar on "Step 2 Research", organized by Department of Computer Science, Department of Computer Applications Amal Jyothi college of Engineering, Kanjirappally on 19-20,Sep 2014.

  6. Participated in one week short term course on "Virtual Instrumentation through ICT", conducted by Electrical Dept. NITTR Chandigarh from 28th April -2nd May 2014 at DCE Gurgaon.

  7. Successfully completed course of Consultancy Development Centre jointly organized by Consultancy Development Centre & Dronacharya College of Engineering Gurgaon from 28th May 2012 – 1st June 2012.

  8. Participated in one day workshop on "Virtual Lab" at Bharti School, IIT Delhi on 6th Sept 2014.

  9. Microsoft session at DCE on 13th Feb 2014 by Mr. Mohit Chhabra & Mr. M.V. Priyank.

  10. Participated in one day Workshop on "Energy Renewable resources" at Dronacharya College of engineering on 12th March 2014 with collaboration of CDC & ISTE.

  11. Workshop on Induction Training Program by NITTTR Chandigarh on 24-28 March 2014.

  12. Workshop on ICT based program on Virtual Instrumentation by NITTTR Chandigarh at DCE Grugaon on 28th April to 2nd May 2014.

  13. Seminar on cloud computing  in association with TED consulting at DCE on 13th Feb 2014(CSI Student Branch at DCE)

  14. Seminar on "Latest Mathematical Tools & their application in Engineering & Technology" organized by Department of Applied Science & Humanities at Gurgaon Institute of Technology & Management, Gurgaon on dated March 12-13, 2010.

  15. Seminar on "Recent Advances and Future Trends in Digital Image Processing" organized by Department of Computer Science at Panjabi University Patiala, March 30, 2010.

  16. Seminar on "Lasers and optoelectronics technologies" organized by Department of Electronics & Communication" at Gurgaon College of Engineering, Gurgaon , April 08, 2010.

  17. Faculty development program on "Leveraging Technology for Quality Education" held on 28th may, 2011 at BVICAM, New Delhi.

  18. Seminar on "Intellectual Property Rights" on date 8 Dec, 2012 at Dronacharya college of Engineering, Gurgaon.

  19. Refresher Course organized by UGC academic Staff College at University of Mahila vishva vidyalya Khanpur kalan, khanpur dated on June 9-30-2010.

  20. Refresher course organized by AICTE at NITTTR Chandigarh on Dated 11-10-10 to 15-10-10.

  21. Workshop on "Data Mining Using SPSS Clementine", Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar" on 6th Feb 2009, organized under "TEQIP, World Bank Project".

  22. Workshop on "Recent Trends in Mathematics & Computing", "The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, Bhiwani , organized by  Department  of CSE/IT in joint association with  Department of mathematics on 13th march 2010.

  23. Workshop on "Virtual Labs" at Bharti School, IIT Delhi, on September 2010.

  24. 23 July 2012- 24 July 2012 CISCO Training Program Network Bulls Pvt.Lt ,Gurgaon, Sector14

  25. Workshop on Networking and Security by Network Bulls, 24th April 2012.

  26. Oracle Higher Education Seminar on behalf of Dronacharya College on 13th August, 2013.

  27. Workshop on "DBMS "organized by IIT Bombay held in Dronacharya college of Engineering from 21- May-2013 to 31-May-2013.

  28. 25 Aug 2012-1 Sep 2012 CDC Training Program Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon.

  29. International Workshop on RAD by IBM held at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, July 2012.

  30. Workshop on DB2 Academic Associate by IBM held at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, 25-27July, 2012.

  31. One day seminar on SQL server held at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon,  2nd September 2013

  32. Faculty Development program on "Oracle Web logic Server" from 24th to 25th July 2013 held at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon.

  33. IUCEE Mini course on "Research Methodology" on 25th 2013 to 31st Mar, 2013.

  34. Seminar on "Waste Water Management "at DCE, Gurgaon on 15th June 2011.

  35. Workshop from 27th July 2012 to 27th July 2012 on DB2 9.7 Academic Training organized by IBM.

  36. One Day Workshop on Green Building organized by IIT B on August 8, 2013.

  37. India innovation program on "Ideating-Inventing-Patenting", September 2013.