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Final year project on "Solar city camera for surveillance".

About project- Installation of a surveillance camera powered by solar power is a good example of renewable source of energy. The high definition surveillance camera will help monitor the construction of the various sites nearby and will save all the record of the different activities in the database i.e the memory (RAM) .  The images captured by the camera will be transmitted to the control room where different small screens are set up for the monitoring of the behaviour, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them , probably called as surveillance. The unusual activity such as a crime or any medical help will be reported immediately by the broadcasting stations which will directly send the information of the crime to the police stations and any injury to the hospitals so that immediate help can be provided to the needy. The implementation of the process is fast to avoid any mis happening. The Surveillance camera comprises of solar panels which will capture the sun power to charge the camera for work and it would have a power saving mode to save the energy from the solar rays for backup. Under circumstances when sun is not present then the camera will get charged by the backup of solar charging, if the backup is also not present then the battery backup for the camera is used for its working.