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    "Event Management System"

Undertaken at

"CyBuzz SC"


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement      

for the award of the degree




Computer Science and Engineering


Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak


SESSION 2011-2015

                                                                                                                     Submitted By:-

                                                                                                                  Name :- Neha Munsi

                                                                                                                   Roll no :- 14054

Dronacharya College of Engineering

Khentawas ,Farrukh Nagar,Gurgaon


Everybody wants their special day to be perfect in every way.

Whether it's a surprise celebration, wedding reception, a corporate meeting or a launch of a new product or company, Special Event Planning and Decor can make it seamless, memorable and exceptional.

  • Wedding planning
  • Bridal flowers
  • Reception and party decor
  • Silk floral arrangements
  • Engagement
  • Birthday Parties

    Our aim is to make a user friendly application that can let a user to plan a decoration for an event. He can select the event and according to the event the appropriate decoration can be made. Choice of decoration can be made from the list of panel. Client will also find out the cost for particular decoration and virtual representation of that particular decoration.

    The project will help Clients to decorate for an event  and the cost required for particular decoration.

  • 1.2 Theoretical and technical aspects

The tools used to develop the shopping cart include:

- PHP scripting language

- MySQL database

- Xampp


- Text Editor

PHP is a server side scripting language designed especially for the Web.  Within an HTML page, PHP code can be embedded and it will be executed each time the page is visited.  PHP is an Open Source product.  PHP source code can be accessed, used, altered, and redistributed without any charges.

MySQL is a very fast, robust, relational database management system (RDBMS).  A database enables the users to efficiently store, search, sort, and retrieve data.

Apache server interprets the PHP code at the Web server and generates HTML or other output that the visitor will see.

Text editor such as Dreamweaver is used to write the coding in plain text that the Web server can recognize and translate into binary code.

There are advantages of using these tools to develop and run the software.  Xampp, PhpMyAdmin server, and PHP are free to download from the internet if one does not have any tools.




No need to visit decorators: Client can make a virtual representation of the decoration from its place.

  1. Hardware and Software Requirements


3. Hardware requirements: -


Processor                                 :         Intel p4 or later

RAM                                       :         512 MB or more

Hard Disk                                :         40 GB or more


Software used:-


Platform                           : Windows

Framework                       : PHP FRAMEWORK

Editing Tool                      : NOTEPAD++, DREAMWEAVER CS6.0

Scripting                           : JAVASCRIPT

Interface                           : H.T.M.L, X.M.L (STYLE SHEET (.XSL))

Server                               : XAMPP

Back-End Tool                  : MySql       

4 PROJECT Design

4.1 Problem Definition

   Planning of event has became the necessity of current time .In organising the event, the decoration of that event is very important. Thus decoration is a vital part of planning an event. Decorating a event is a very tedious work which is faced by the event planners. So decorating the event using the web application provides the event planners ease in organising the event.

  • This activity requires a precise definition of the problem in user terms.
  • A clear statement of the problem is crucial to the success of the software.
  • It helps not only the developers but also the user to understand the problem better.
  • Keeping recording for every transaction in the registers takes
  • More time & is a tedious job.
  • To search for details of any particulars has to refer many Registers.
  • Lacks reliability & no guarantee of sure end results.
  • Calculations are done manually which may lead to errors.
  • For all these reasons computerized system is the best solution. 

4.2 Project Overview

Our Event Decoration Planning System is especially design to reduce the communication gap between event decorator and clients. Clients can decorate an event according to his wish sitting at his place. Clients and even event decorators can get a large variant of event elements.

The basic idea behind designing  this application is that  the user can plan and decorate the event according to his requirement, needs and budget. For example if user want to plan a birthday party and no of guest invited are 50.He will decorate the event using event items like flowers, chairs, lights, etc and can get the estimated cost and virtual view of the event.


In future it can be extended upto participation in events also, like those people who want to add some money in their pockets can do part time jobs in those events in which they are interested in. They can get themselves registered in these events and extra modules for these are to be made.