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Being canopied under the banner of Dronacharya is like Sidhartha sitting under the banyan tree at Bodhgaya where he became Budha. Such is the significance of Dronacharya College at Knowledge Park in Greater Noida rightly nomenclatured as Gautam Budha Nagar. Let the Light of Asia lead more souls to kindly light. The seal of an Institution is like a brand which gives its students a cutting-edge over others.

This is true of Dronacharya whose name has a charishma of its own, protective like a talisman with a luminous look of modernity on its fronts-piece and firmly supported at the back by the unaging wealth of tradition. Our meritorious students have made to the tantalizing top by dint of unshakable determination, enduring endeavours, persistence and perseverance. The dedicated Dronacharyans have carved out a niche which offers a glimpse in the corridors of this tremendous temple of learning.

The Director, Dr. M. S. Murali, and the devoted and scholastic Faculty are really proud of these ever shimmering stars in the academic-cum-cultured firmament of the College. May the horizon keep on widening with every new academic session to bring more and more laurels to this great Institution!


Top Performers of Batch 2008 - 2012

Name of the Student with highest score in the College who got waive off in the tuition fees

College Roll No. University Roll No. Name of Students Vth Semester Marks VIth Semester Marks IIIrd Year Marks Percentage
DCEGN-08-CSE-3051 0823010044 Ridhi Sharma 804 814 1618 80.9%
DCEGN-08-CSE-3032 0823010026 Neha Madan 789 802 1591 79.55%
DCEGN-08-CSE-3033 0823010407 Neha Mishra 777 801 1578 78.9%


Applied Sciences and Humanities List of Students who got Achievements


ROLL NO. Name of Students Achievement
DCEGN-11-CSE-6002 Abhishek Bhardwaj Mr. Fresher for the session Aug 2011
DCEGN-11-ME-6417 Shweta Kandari Ms. Fresher for the session Aug 2011