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1.)  Calibration of Electronics Instruments:

Description                             :  I carried out this project during the summer training and I done it in the National Council for Cement and Building Materials, Ballabgarh (Hrayana). In this I learnt how to calibrate the electronics instruments like Voltmeter, Multimeter, Technometer, Capacitances, and Thermometers and learnt the basics of Calibration.


2.)   Load Cell:


Description                             :  In this I manufacture the "Load Cell". I have done it in Avery India Ltd Ballabgarh (Haryana). This cell is manufactured for the weighing purpose. It used to weight the weight of loaded boogies.


3.)  TV Transmitter:


Description                             :  I have completed this project in the third semester of my M.Sc. (Electronics). The range of the transmitter is 3Km. We designed a hardware circuit in the PCB and the connected it to the TV and gave input to the TV from VCR, the RF signal is goes to another TV which is at the 3Km or less from the first TV, in second TV we connected a antenna as a receiver which received the RF signal. This is a domestic TV Transmitter.


4.)   Photolithography Processes and DC Characterization of MESFETs :


Description                             :  I have completed this project at "Solid State Physics Laboratory (DRDO) Timarpur (New Delhi) ". This MESFETs (Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) works at the microwave frequencies as an Amplifier. It mainly used in satellite communication when we launch our satellite in space. I also learnt about the process used in lithography.