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The Organisation in which I am doing Training is webswastech which is located in Faridabad and the department is Internet Marketing and technology that we used is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).In the first month of my training we learn how to apply the changes on our sites to rank better in Search Engines like Google. We coordinate with the Developer, Designer and guide them how to develop the website through the SEO point of view .We Prepare Report and tell the developer and designer to perform Some Changes in the website. So that the website rank become better. We create meta tags (meta title, meta description, meta keyword), Robots.txt file which work as lock for the crawler in the robots.txt file we tell the crawler which pages of the website should crawl or which pages does not crawl by the crawler and then we create sitemap.xml file in which the sitemap of the website is there to easily understand by the crawler when the crawler came to our site then crawler check this file for the complete layout of the website is given by this file.
Google Analystics is also being checked of our company website.We have taken our company website page to new rank and are currently working on it.
Of Page is also being done side ways that is posting links in directory submission , social website submission ,classifieds , press release etc are being implemented in our company project.