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This device will work in the games involving " Throwing " . The distance of the object thrown is usually measured by measuring tape by one or more officials . This method will change this forever. In this particular case we will be putting our focus on Discus throw. The method will involve the use of a sensor which will be placed inside the said discus and will be activated once the discus is thrown and will automatically be deactivated once the discus hits the ground . There will also be an another sensor is the discuss that will emit the data to a receiver This method will be highly effective and save a lot of time. This would not only save a lot of time but would also make the game a lot fairer .

Now-a-days the distance is measured using measuring tape and is measured by one or more referees . In this method the distance is measured from the start point to the P.O.I.(point of impact) . This is a fairly good method but many-a-times at the actual P.O.I. is not distinguishable because there is no sign of an impact on the ground due to bouncing , rather some other point is taken where some effect is seen on the ground. We'll use sensors which will be integrated in the discus and will automatically be turned on once the discus leaves the hands of the thrower , this can be done by using sensors that are activated by inertia . This reading of the distance will stop as soon as there is an impact with the ground again with the help of inertia sensitive sensors