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Empowering Entrepreneurship

Empowering Entrepreneurship through foresight and innovation for the young generation is extremely important.It emphasizes to promote entrepreneurship among young people since it has a number of potential benefits. An obvious and significant one is that it creates employment for the person owning the business. We should however accept that not all young people could become entrepreneurs in a business sense. It is therefore important to underline that entrepreneurial skills can help youth adapt well to other non-entrepreneurial careers. 

The improving social attitudes towards entrepreneurship are evident among young people. Non-formal learning (youth work) plays a very important role in equipping young people with the necessary skills. It is widely recognised that "Youth in Action" activities, especially youth initiatives, are preparing youth to be responsible, enterprising individuals. It allows them to become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers by immersing them in real-life learning ventures where they can take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes. Moreover, concrete ways in which youth workers can support young people wanting to start an entrepreneur career have not yet been properly explored.  

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Defect Management

o    Defect management System, which is a combination of defect management tools or tool and a defect management process that focus on the speed of identifying, tracking, and resolving defects. This provides the basis for understanding root cases and making appropriate process improvements.

o    The Defect Management process need to be risk driven - i.e., strategies, priorities, and resources should be based on the extent to which risk can be reduced.Defect measurement is suggested to be integrated into the software development process and be used by the project team to improve the process.  In other words, the project staff, by doing their job, should capture information on defects at the source. As much as possible, the capture and analysis of the information must be automated.

o    A defect is created by the Test team (QA / UAT) whenever a discrepancy between the actual result and expected result is encountered. The person executing the test opens the new defect with the brief description, provides information regarding the operating conditions that were in place when the defect occurred, where in the application flow the defect was found, what test scripts were being executed, the actual and expected results and any additional information that may be of assistance in the resolution of the defect.