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Name :  Ruhani Choudhary 
E-mail: c.ruhani93@gmail.com
Contact Number : 9891553162

Objective: A Software Engineer.


10th                     C.B.S.E                    2010                              9 CGPA
12th                     C.B.S.E                    2012                              81
B.Tech                 M.D.U                                                           68(till 5th Sem)

Research Work:

1.Research paper submitted based on SOLAR CELL. Solar cells are based  on the principle of PN Junction Diode. Solar Cells are made up of semiconductor materials like silicon germanium.
2. Research Paper published on Desktop Virtualisation.
3. Research paper published based on Differences between C , C++ and Java.
4. Research paper published based Flips Flops.

Workshops Attended:  Hacking , Ideating Inventing and Patenting , Android Andipop , Google Adwords.

Workshops attended online and certifications: Ranksheet.com , MVA , HP e-learning Life courses.

Skills: Programming Languages – C , C++ , Data Structure .

Coaching and Certifications: C++  Course From NIIT , Java Core from CMC.

Hobbies: Reading , Surfing internet.
Declaration: I hereby declare that all the information provided by me are true.

Ruhani Choudhary

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