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SACHIN KR. BHINDWAR                                                                                                                   

S/o ANIL KR. BHINDWAR                                  

House no.-D-67                                                 Contact No.: 09996018321(M), 07562061228(M)

My field garden

gurgaon                                                      E-mail:   sachinbhindwar95@gmail.com





To evolve into a hardworking and sincere profession, contributing to the success of your organization and at the same time enhance my knowledge and develop my communication, managerial and interpersonal skills.


Technical skills:-

   1.  MOS

  2. Database                :  Ms-excel      

   3.Environment            :  Window (XP,8,7)

Professional Qualificatio:-


1 sem-61.18

2nd sem-62.65

3rd sem-64.53

4th sem-65.40



Educational Qualification:-



Class XII: March, 2012

Secured 60.2% in B.S.E.B Examination.


Class X: March, 2010

Secured 62.2% in B.S.E.B Examination.







Extracurricular Activities:-


Organizing Skills:        


       1.Attend two days workshop of ARDUINO BOARD

  • Attend two day workshop of PLC and SCADA in o campus


Personal Profile:-


Date of Birth:                                    2nd jan, 1995

Sex:                             male

Marital Status:                             Unmarried

Languages known:                     Hindi, English.

Hobbies:                                          Surfing, playing game




Having adaptable nature.

Never Say Die Spirit.

Quick learner with positive attitude.




I hereby declare that the above furnished information is true to the best of my knowledge & belief.



Date:                                                                                                          (SACHIN KR. BHINDWAR)

Place: Gurgaon