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I am working on a project called "Android app of DCE",it is the application for the android users.

small introduction


The android operating system is basically an operating system for

mobiles. It is mobile operating system that uses a modified version of the Linux kernel 2.6. This android application would help students to get interact with the events that are happening in college through notifications.

Android Operating System so that users can safely used the android smart phones.

This app give all features to users so that they comfortably use this app through their android phones.

The present project comprises a advance android application having an interface module adapted to, the interface module providing a first signal indicative of the measured quantity. The device further comprises a controller receiving the first signal and generating a data signal indicative of the measured quantity at a first predetermined time interval, without requiring external polling. A transmitter responsively coupled to the controller circuit modulates the data signal, and transmits the modulated data signal at a predetermined RF frequency. Preferably, the controller formats the data signal into a data stream having a plurality of fields. A first field comprises data indicative of the measured quantity of delivered product, i.e. meter reading. Another second field comprises data indicative of an identity of the measuring unit. The device is particularly adapted to obtain the measured quantity of delivered product comprising of electricity, natural gas and water, and can be adapted to other meters delivering product as well.